Water Sourcing Works – Hydrogeologist / Drilling Supervisor at ITM Tanzania Limited Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

 Water Sourcing Works – Hydrogeologist / Drilling Supervisor

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• Degree : MSc (or equivalent formal qualification) in Hydrogeology or similar discipline.
• Fully aware and experienced of all applicable Tanzanian local / regional regulations, codes and standards
related to Water Sourcing Works. (including Ministry of Water and Water Basins regulations and rules)
• Minimum of 15 years’ experience as a hydrogeologist, including groundwater resources assessment, field investigations, knowledge of geophysical surveys,
• Supervision of borehole drilling
• Interpretation of pumping test data
• Knowledge of groundwater occurrence in hard rock aquifers
• Experience in writing technical reports and presenting the results
• Good interpersonal and communication skills. Good motivational skills.
• English as mother tongue or Fluent in English (speaking and with excellent writing skill)

For borehole water sourcing works & drilling operations the Hydrogeologist shall be present on the drill site and stay with the drill team throughout the drilling operations or as required. Main responsibilities will include:
• Act as Company supervisor and technical expert on site during borehole drilling and associated activities
• Ensure that the borehole construction and completion work is carried out as specified in the contract between Contractor and Company, and as specified in the engineering designs
• Ensure that all measurements and observations are systematically and accurately taken, recorded and submitted according to the contract between the Contractor and Company
• Keep updated records of the drilling works and prepare brief progress reports. Activities at different stages of the water sourcing works / drilling operations will include:
• Check materials supplied by the Contractor and ensure that they conform to the relevant specifications.
• Ensure that the rig is positioned exactly at the agreed location and away from any potential hazards such as overhead electrical cables.
• Monitor verticality checks, the drilling depth, the depth penetration rate and the collection of drill samples
• Describe each stratum encountered during drilling, including but not limited to thickness, depth below ground level, and location of samples recovered
• Evaluate information collected during drilling, and correlate with available reconnaissance/geophysical data
• Help decide when drilling should stop, which will depend on the information gathered in the course of drilling, and if well completion should proceed
• Provide information and help finalize detailed engineering design of the borehole, e.g. the depth interval(s) to be screened, the gravel pack depth interval, etc
• Ensure that the borehole installation by the Contractor conforms with the final approved design.
• Ensure that borehole development and pumping tests are undertaken according to the specifications in the drilling contract, and/or advise on any alterations to suit individual boreholes.
• Analyse the data collected from the pumping test and advise if this indicates the borehole is adequate to serve as a viable water supply based on the site requirements. Make recommendations on the pumping regime of the borehole.
• Ensure that the Drilling Contractor collects water samples and undertakes water quality testing as specified in the drilling contract

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