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Sri Lanka

About Oceans
is an outsourcing firm pairing the best talent in Sri Lanka with CEOs, Founders, and Executives in the U.S.

The Benefits
• Unique lucrative opportunity to work with start ups that could 10x your career.
• Fully Remote work.
• Competitive pay and always paid in USD.

• Optimize and update the Shopify store to boost conversion rates.
• A/B test the impact of different variation of website features.
• Ensure that all platform and 3rd party apps are seamlessly integrated.
• Regularly test and debug the website.
• Create bespoke themes and change all the pre-existing templates according to the predefined company guidelines.

• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or any other similar field.
• Minimum 3 year's of experience on Shopify.
• Expert level knowledge on Shopify from the developer perspective
• A good understanding of marketing and e-commerce.
• Must possess the ability to provide proactive feedback and interact effectively.
• Excellent communication skills.

Our Ideal Candidate:
Oceans Divers (our recruits) are experienced professionals, naturally driven and committed to excellence, who are excited to support a fast-growing startup company. Our ideal candidate has:
• High Motivation: a natural desire to go above and beyond in all things and to succeed no matter what.
• Excellent Time Management Skills: able to triage competing tasks and drive project completion.
• Effective Communication Skills: able to issue timely reminders, follow ups, and alerts to changing priorities.
• A Keen Sense of Urgency: strong awareness of timeliness and ability to meet close deadlines.
• Reliable Autonomy: able to get things done efficiently with limited supervision while working from home.
• Superb Attention to Detail: able to consume and synthesize large amounts of information.
• Genuine Personability: warm, affable, can-do attitude; pleasant to be around but direct when necessary.
• Tech Savviness: able to quickly understand and use new tech platforms and services to get work done.

We are bringing on all the best and brightest in Sri Lanka — let us know if that’s you


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