Teaching vacancy in the USA


                                    Teach in the USA

Teaching with Participate Learning is more than a job opportunity. It provides personal growth and development.
You’ll also be a cultural ambassador embarking on a journey of cultural exchange. You will share your traditions with your new community, help plan events to celebrate your favorite holidays, and serve as a role model and mentor. Inspire U.S. students to explore the wider world by becoming an Ambassador Teacher.

What positions are available?
There are opportunities to teach primary school as well as world languages (including English as a Second Language). All positions are full-time and salaried, and we recruit different subjects from each country. Competitive health benefits are also included.

Where are the schools?
Participate Learning partners with schools in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. All three states are in the Southeast USA. Placements are in rural, suburban, or urban settings. Schools are carefully evaluated for suitability and need.
Each state offers unique local experiences. Outdoor activities, food, music, and cultural pursuits abound. 
Be prepared for an adventure that will expand your horizons in more ways than one.

"Gain international experience. Achieve personal and professional growth. Unite our world."


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