Senior DevOps Engineer(Job Ref#:220611) at Lkcareers Colombo, Sri Lanka

 Senior DevOps Engineer(Job Ref#:220611) 

Key Responsibilities
• Ability to use a wide var iety of open source technologies and tools
• Experience with systems and IT operations
• Beingcomfortable with frequent, incrementa l code testing and deployment
• Experience in securi!y, user managemeni and Linux administration
• Experience in monitoring and logging cools
• bperience in Bash scrip!ingand/or Cl/CO tools
• Data management skills
• Understanding and focus on business outcomes
• Understanding and efficiency in collabora tion,open communica!ion and reaching across functional borders
• ·Ability 10 use a wide variety of open source technologies and cloud services (experience with AWS is required)
• Strong experience with SQL and MySQL (NoSQL experience is a plus, too, since we a so use Redis)
• A work ing understanding of code and script (PHP, Py thon)
• Knowledge of best prauices and IT opera tions in an always-up,always-ava ilable service

Key Requirements
• Bsc in Computer Science or Equivalent
• 3+ years of experience in Dev-Ops industry

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