Marketing Content Specialist

As a Content Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for developing and implementing the overall content strategy based on company specific goals and objectives. Candidate must be a highly analytical thinker with an audience-first mindset with experience in content marketing. He /She will be experts on social media analytics, understand the nuances, advantages, and shortcomings of each platform, and know how to utilize data in formulating a campaign strategy.

The Content Marketing Specialist will manage a team of data analysts and content creators and will require excellent interpersonal and communicative skills, as well as demonstrate sound leadership and decision-making ability.

Content Marketing Manager Responsibilities:
• Orchestrating digital content strategies across all online platforms.
• Driving traffic and engagement that translates to sales and brand promotion.
• Managing a content marketing budget.
• Adhere to the internal policies and procedures
• Measuring the results of marketing activity to inform future marketing campaigns.
• Managing a team of writers, illustrators, and data analysts.
• Implementing SEO best practices.
• Knowing which platform different kinds of content are best suited to.
• Designing and implementing creative marketing strategies to disseminate content.

Content Marketing Manager Requirements:
• Bachelor's degree in marketing or related field.
• 3 years of work experience in producing content for the web specifically, as well as channel-specific knowledge (blog, SlideShare, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
• Experience with online community building.
• Data-driven and highly analytical.
• Proficiency with Google Analytics.
• Past experience building audiences either online or offline
• In-depth knowledge of the HubSpot Content Optimization System
• Experience in producing smart CTAs according to the visitor lifecycle stage
• Proficiency with social media analytics.
• Time management skills.
• Excellent interpersonal skills.
• Excellent written and verbal communication.

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