Front House Manager in surf camp on Sri Lanka

           Front House Manager

We are seeking those who want to make your passion your job, and your job your passion. If you want to live on a tropical island for awhile – then we might have your next dream job.
You will be based on a lush paradise island in not only one of the best surfing destinations in the world, but also a very interesting region of Sri Lanka with an amazing culture. You will have the possibility to surf lots, join daily yoga classes and be part of an inspiring community.

Working as a front house manager you will need to have a passion for working with people, be a master of solving problems problem and be able to organise the work for you and your team. Your main responsibility is the experience that the guests are given is at the standards set by the company. The job will include being on call at all times to keep the whole operation of the property going smooth, chat & socialise with the guests, take care of bookings, answer emails, plan events, come up with new ideas of how to improve the business. You will lead a team of staff that you need to keep motivated, and you’ll need to take hard decisions for your employees. While the operations manager is doing the back end tasks, you will be doing the front end, being hands on and interacting with the guests every day.

You will be taking your own responsibility over your work with little guidance from the management, making sure deadlines are kept and results and goals are reached. You must be able to see the big picture as well as the finer details, as your work is across the spectrum. You will deal in small daily matters, as well as larger aims and setting goals. A systematic organised approach to work is equally vital as an outgoing and people pleasing approach. We are expecting you to be energetic and result driven, be a good team player and leader and always put the company’s vision and ethos first. You must be able to lead, coach, inspire, support and motivate your team, and always seeking to improve best practice.

We only reply to complete applications providing the following:
• Can come for the time required
• Provide time frame of when you are available (start and end date)
• Includes a CV (with contact details to previous employers as well as a a photo of yourself)
• A personal letter (who are you and why do you want to work for us)
• Are fluent in english
• Send links to your social media pages (instagram/facebook)
• Send imagery and video of yourself surfing (only a must for surf coaches)
• It may take time for us to review your application. However we are constantly hiring new staff so as long as you have sent in an application we will notify you as soon as there’s an opening.

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